Making the world a happier place, one recreational crabber at a time.



Step 1: Congregate.

Create a meeting place, both physical and digital, where the crabbing community can come together.

Step 2: Educate.

There’s a lot more to crabbing than most people think! Conservation is key to maintaining sustainable Dungeness fisheries for future generations.

Step 3: Proliferate.

We love crabbing – and we think you should too! If you can, bring somebody crabbing who has never gone before! Take time to introduce new people to the sport!




The idea of Speed-Crabbing was first conceived by a small group of friends obsessed with crabbing on the beautiful blue waters of Puget Sound.

It was a day much like any other… hangin’ out on the boat… soaking the traps… perhaps discussing the sensitivity of crustacean antennae to the effects of saltwater electrolysis… when we all came to a sudden and horrifying realization!

The very world we crab in (and live in too, I guess…) was devoid of an objective way to measure our expert crabbing skills!

Then – in a flash of sheer brilliance – we realized it was our destiny to invent a new kind of “crabbing derby” that would capture the hearts and imaginations of a waiting public, and finally answer the one burning question on all of our minds…


Who are Puget Sound’s 

                Greatest Recreational Crabbers?


And just like that, Puget Sound Speed-Crabbing was born! 




A truly great recreational crabber knows the importance of conservation. That’s why Puget Sound Speed-Crabbing is working to bring awareness about responsible crabbing practices to the community.

Yes we like to catch and eat them, but we also need to protect them. So please always practice legal harvesting of Puget Sound crab. Never take the undersized, soft-shelled, or female crab. And try to only take what what you really need. That way there will always be enough to go around!



We are the creators of Puget Sound Speed-Crabbing. Our goal is to promote the sport of recreational crabbing! We want to teach you how to crab smarter and more effectively – that’s why we created a meeting place for the community to have fun and share valuable crabbing knowledge.


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