The Grand Prize Pool

Winners of the Speed-Crabbing derby get to select one prize from our Grand Prize Pool! Teams pick prizes in the order they rank in the competition standings. 1st Place gets First Pick, 2nd Place gets Second Pick, etc… until all the prizes are gone!


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Prizes For A Cure!

The Top Teams who generate the largest donations to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance will receive one of these Prize Packages provided by these awesome derby sponsors and contributors!

SCFAC Ribbon

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The Lunker Award

Your mother would be so proud! This award is given to the individual who single-handedly hauls in the biggest Dungeness crab of the Speed-Crabbing derby!

 The Lunker Cropped

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Grab Bags are filled with awesome prizes and merchandise provided by our sponsors! You need a voucher to claim your grab bag. Click the link for details.


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Maybe the crabs weren’t that hungry today… or maybe it’s just you… let’s face it, it’s probably you… Even if you placed dead-last in the Speed-Crabbing derby, you’ll still be happy to receive The Skunker Award!


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