You hauled in the biggest Lunker of the derby!  We are all seriously impressed! Our friends at Ace of Baits want you to keep the streak alive! The next round of crabbing is on them… and probably the next one… and the next one…


Bait Cake Stack

Enjoy a complimentary 12-pack of Ace of Baits 1-5 day commercial grade bait cakes! (Retail Value of $84.00) This 100% Canadian made bait is specifically formulated and packaged for the commercial and sport crabbers alike! Ace of Baits has the bait for you!


This Prize is brought to you by our friends at Ace of Baits, official sponsors of Puget Sound Speed-Crabbing! Visit their website now to learn more about their specially formulated bait products!


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 Thank you Ace of Baits for making Speed-Crabbing possible for everyone!



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